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Golden Section

The Golden Section

The Golden Section & My Art

Most of my paintings are composed using the lines and diagonals of the Golden Section. I’ve used it as a structure for all my abstract work, but also i’ve used it to compose photo realist work as well. There is a mathematical beauty in the way each intersection of lines shows where the next division is made; each proportion relates to the last. This reflects my philosophy that we are all dependent on each other.

Artists have used the Golden Section or Golden Mean since the ancient Greeks discovered it. Painters have used it to provide harmony and perfection in their work since the Italian Renaissance. It is worked out using Fibonacci numbers. (i.e.: 2:3, 3:5, 5:8, 8:13, etc.) These ratios can be found in nature and in the body. Most artists hide the geometric structure underneath the paint. My use of it is explicit and it is an essential part of the painting. It provides a structure within which to experiment. Other artists who have used it are Piero della Francesca, Leonardo da Vinci and Tom Phillips.

Gordian Knot 5 - The Golden Section Series Art Gallery
Gordian Knot 5
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