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About the Artist

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The artist Tony Ashton interviewed by the artist Ben Ashton in a video made by Fiona Garden.

Many people will wonder why my work is so diverse; after all most artists are known for one style that they either repeat or perfect. As a Post Modernist artist I have always adopted the style (abstract or realist) that is most appropriate for what I wanted to express.

I work in series. I perfect a particular way of working but when I feel that I’m repeating myself, I create a new set of problems to solve by inventing a new style. Hopefully this keeps my work fresh.

To explore all the different ideas I have and to be able to juxtapose all the disparate elements, I use the harmonious structure of the Golden Section to compose my paintings. It was invented by the Ancient Greeks, adopted in the Renaissance and has been used by artists ever since.

My paintings are designed to work from a distance but very often reveal esoteric meaning close up amid the layers of paint and texture.

My work is about PARADOX. It combines the organic and the geometric; the emotional and the cerebral; and the sensual with the spiritual.

Tony Ashton - Contemporary Artist



Ashton uses all the experiments of modern art alongside the aesthetics that made the Old Masters great. He wants to take modern painting forward. His work is complex, multi-layered and sophisticated and has wide appeal

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The contemporary artist Tony Ashton was born in Lincolnshire in 1948. He spent 5 years at Bath Academy of Art, Corsham; Lincoln College of Art; and the West of England College of Art, Bristol between 1966 and 1971.

He has exhibited in London and throughout Britain and abroad. His work is in collections in Europe, Japan, Australia, Peru and the USA. Tony has given talks about his work on the radio and television.

Tony hopes you will enjoy browsing through his lifetime of paintings.

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