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Hybrid Paintings

HYBRID Paintings

The HYBRIDS pull together the abstract and realistic elements into a sophisticated heterogeneous style that is unique. They reference Cubism and Surrealism, Renaissance and Baroque art and remind us of stage sets and Indian Miniatures. They also play around with perspective and create a virtual world that is both strange and familiar.

HYBRID: Girl Reading at an Open Window (after Vermeer) 2015
Girl Reading at an Open Window
HYBRID: Altered Focus (after Vermeer) 2018
Altered Focus
Altered Focus: Woods. 2018
Altered Focus: Woods
Altered Focus: Statue. 2018
Altered Focus: Statue
Doni Tondo - Hybrid Paintings
Doni Tondo
The Milkmaid - Hybrid Paintings
The Milkmaid
Full Fathom Five - Hybrid Paintings
Full Fathom Five
Oberon's speech - Hybrid Paintings
Oberon's speech
Woman with a pitcher - Hybrid Paintings
Woman with a pitcher
The Laughing Cavalier - Hybrid Paintings
The Laughing Cavalier
Forecast - Hybrid Paintings
Miss Ann Ford - Hybrid Paintings
Miss Ann Ford
Girl with a pearl necklace - Hybrid Paintings
Girl with a pearl necklace
Judith and Holofernes - Hybrid Paintings
Judith and Holofernes
The Deposition 1 - Hybrid Paintings
The Deposition 1
The Deposition 2 - Hybrid Paintings
The Deposition 2
The Transfiguration - Hybrid Paintings
The Transfiguration
The Music Lesson - Hybrid Paintings
The Music Lesson
The Infanta - Hybrid Paintings
The Infanta
The Procession - Hybrid Paintings
The Procession
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